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Kanagawa Associates research products:

• Comprehensive Stock and Mutual Fund Charts
• Powerful Custom Screens
• Detailed Industry Groups and Sector information
• Market Indices & Reports
• Stock and Index Option data
• Personal Product Coaching
• Pattern Recognition (Premium)
• Growth 250 list (Premium)

Kanagawa Associates strongly believes that research is its core strength around which the business is built. It is the key to deliver value to an investor, small or big. And that is why a strong research base forms the foundation of our operations. We strongly believe that any investment decision without proper analysis is a mere gamble and nothing else and we are here not to promote this gamble.

Through well designed and relevant equity research tools, we aim to help our customers become more proficient investors so that they can make the most lucrative equity investment decisions. Our heritage, experience, and passion for the market ensure that we will succeed in our mission.

Our teams of qualified and experienced professionals are the ideal combinations of experienced professionals, full time chartered Accountants, Management Graduates, Internal Financial Auditors and administration staff, make our research works relevant to facilitate investment decisions of our prospective investing customers.

They provide a wide range of professional services to the investors. They appreciate client's preferences and are sensitive to markets. For any individual client, our professional team invents financial opportunities for savings & investments and managing & allocating assets & credit facilities. Constant on-line and off-line tracking and salient updates are the major ingredients of our services, which have put us in a class of our own and none to second.

To top it all, the primary and most important service Kanagawa Associates offers to its clientele is a long-term relationship which is totally based on the benefits of its clients. A relationship based on trustworthiness and personal attention to individual matters. This is the gamut of our policies, practices and plans.

"Service is Paramount"- It is our philosophy at Kanagawa Associates.

The strengthening force behind Kanagawa Associates is its dynamic, talented and young professional team. The team is a storehouse of wealth of opportunities and ideas. Always on its toes, providing knowledge of funding and investments ideas to the customers through innovation is its primary concern.